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[audio]The People's Tongue: "Sonny Bono's Favorites" [MZR006] (July 7, 2007) - The People's Tongue
MZR006: The People's Tongue presents Sonny Bono's Favorites. "Terraforming Mindscapes Since God's Nips Were Waxy" Headphones a Must. Band members: Yves Abouchar : Minister of Edutainment Laszlo "Larstonovich" Jampf : Tadpole Wrangler Influences: Honey Baked Ham Sounds Like: bu -bamp yadda yadda screech bammo! scratch yaaaada yaaa!
Keywords: Ghettotech; Crunk; Regional Mexican
Downloads: 15,702
[audio]/ - /
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 5
[audio]Sypha Nadon: Distant [MZR030] - Sypha Nadon
Sypha Nadon: Distant [MZR030]
Keywords: Industrial Noise
Downloads: 31
[audio]MZR 029 Sypha Nadon First Report - James Champagne
“First Report” liner notes -------------------------------- This album is an archival release that collects many of the earliest Sypha Nadon songs, dating from the months of January to May of the year 2000. In particular, it collects all 5 versions of the song “Maggots” (one of the oldest Sypha Nadon songs) and more than half of “First Report,” the first of 3 cassette-only albums recorded by Sypha Nadon during the years 2000-2001...
Keywords: Industrial Noise
Downloads: 40
[audio]Sypha Nadon: 4NIC8 [MZR025] Sypha Nadon - Sypha Nadon
4NIC8 is the proper studio follow-up to Sypha Nadon's 2009 album "Our Lady of the Flowers of the Red Night." Due to the sexual content of this album it is recommended primarily for adults, though Wilhelm Reich would probably disagree on this point. "All things fornicating all the time." -Austin Osman Spare Track listing: 1. ! (2:03) 2. Orgasm (4:49) 3. STRIPPER (3:03) 4. Kit10's Shower (0:55) 5. Fucking Lichelle (4:01) 6...
Keywords: Porno Electronics; Witch house; Pervert Pop
Downloads: 403
[audio]Sypha Nadon: Canadian Atheist [MZR028] - James Champagne
Canadian Atheist liner notes ____________________________ “What a rude Lump our World is that we are so apt to dote upon.” –Thomas Burnet "Canadian Atheist" is the 7th studio album by Sypha Nadon. Tracklisting: Side A: Left 1. 3 Beggars (2:48) 2. Territory (4:04) 3. Ghost Mountains (3:42) 4. SCP-012 (2:54) 5. I’m Insane 2014 (3:54) 6. Mt. Meru (3:48) Side B: Right 7. The Urschleim (3:57) 8...
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 51
[audio]"Cat Band Anthology Volume 4: Off-White" [MZR016] (April 24, 2009) - The Cat Band
Fourth volume of the 5 volume Cat Band Anthology series. The following recordings are taken from the band's post-"Cat Band's Greatest Hits" era, and were recorded during the years 1999-2001.
Keywords: Naive rock; outsider art; primitive pop; tape music; Mongo; Cat; Magic; Blue Cat; experimental
Downloads: 334
[audio]VARIOUS: A DREAM AS WHITE AS THE DEATH OF A SEAGULL [MZR014] (October 17, 2008) - Arthur Limbo
Mauve Zone: a loaded term signifying the region between dreaming and dreamless sleep, which has its analogue in figurative expressions such as the Crimson Desert, Desert of Set, Voids beyond Daath, etc. It is the state which dawns beyond the abyss that separates phenomenal existence from noumenal Being. -Kenneth Grant, 'Beyond The Mauve Zone' (Starfire Publishing 1999) This album, the very first compilation album from Mauve Zone Recordings, features tracks from every artist who has contributed t...
Keywords: surrealism; futurism; dadaism; typhonian; mauve zone
Downloads: 1,014
This anthology collects some of the very earliest Sypha Nadon recordings (see liner notes for further details). This album is dedicated to Alan Splet, sound designer of many David Lynch movies.
Keywords: Noise; Electronic Music; Futurism; Dada; Surrealism; Vickie Miner; Death Head Moths; Industrial
Downloads: 4,811
[audio]Sypha Nadon: Litch [MZR027] December 1st, 2013 - Sypha Nadon
Tracklisting: 1. Industrial Baptism (3:59) 2. Bleeding Edge (3:57) 3. Death Factory (2:30) 4. The Robing of the Bride (3:02) 5. Tangerine Nightmare (7:12) 6. Coiled Horizons (3:01) 7. Cthulhu Bowel Movement (2:43) 8. God of Imperfection (4:31) 9. Astaroth & Asmodeus (5:32) 10. Do Not Open Till Doomsday (4:18) 11. Rope Culture (5:34) 12. Exterior Camera 4C-99 (0:46) 13. Leviathan (5:19) 14. Zothique (3:21) 15...
Keywords: industrial; noise; electronic; experimental
Downloads: 55
[audio]Boy Destroyer: Socialist Boy Scouts [MZR021] (12/4/09) Boy Destroyer - Boy Destroyer
Tracklisting: 1. Destroy Everything! (7:47) 2. Going Nova (6:09) 3. Fuck-War (4:49) 4. Assassins at Alamut (5:58) 5. Minraud Riot Control (4:08) 6. Astral Terrorism (5:45) 7. We Wear Carrion Like Perfume (6:58) 8. Mainstream Gynocide (5:49) 9. Bomb Squad (6:50) 10. Industrial Espionage (7:15) 11. Dancing on the Ashes of Capitalism (6:02) 12. Kollaps Metal (4:43) 13. Elegy for Dead Roads (7:06) Running Time: 79:54 Personal: Sypha Nadon: programming, beats, rhythms, percussion, piano, bass program...
Keywords: experimental; electro-pop; terrorist dance; punk rock; noise; kaos; anarchy; industrial
Downloads: 157 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]James Champagne: Halloween Time [MZR026] - James Champagne
The following poem was composed when I was a student at Bernon Heights Elementary School, probably when I was in the second or third grade. It won some kind of school-wide poetry contest that was being held then, and I and the rest of the winners had to go down to a local radio station and read our poem on-air, which was, needless to say, an interesting experience. This recording is taken from that broadcast, and features myself reading the poem I had penned...
Keywords: Halloween Poetry
Downloads: 135 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Sypha Nadon: The Nightmare Factory [MZR018] (2009) - Sypha Nadon
This album, a ten year retrospective of Sypha Nadon's musical odyssey, collects many tracks from Sypha's previous albums, along with a track from the new upcoming album (more details on that coming soon) and a new song recorded specifically for this retrospective (entitled "The Nightmare Factory"). Thank you to anyone who has listened to my music over the last ten years, and whether you have enjoyed it or not, I am pleased that you took the time to listen to it in the first place...
Keywords: Futurism; Noise; Surrealism; Avant-Garce; Dada; Racket; Electronic; Experimental; Synth-Pop; Industrial; MIDI; Booda
Downloads: 133
[audio]The Cat Band: "Anthology Volume 1: The Early Years" [MZR009] (11/29/2007) - The Cat Band
This is where it all began: The Cat Band's very earliest recordings, available to the listening public for the first time in over ten years. This anthology, volume 1 of a 5 volume series, collects the "Why is the Cat the Best Ever" EP, the "The Cat is Ultimate" single, plus the ultra-rare original mix of "Blue Cat." Lo-Fi naive rock outsider art music at its finest.
Keywords: naive rock; outsider art; Lo-fi; cat; Mongo; Primitive Pop; tape music
Downloads: 696
[audio]Sypha Nadon/Zyklon Vagina: Malkunofat Disko [MZR004] (June 8, 2007) - Sypha Nadon, Zyklon Vagina
Split release EP from two legendary noise acts.
Keywords: Noise; Industrial; Experimental; Avant-Garde; Alien
Downloads: 1,121
[audio]Sypha Nadon: Our Lady of the Flowers of the Red Night [MZR019] (June 28, 2009) - Sypha Nadon
"Our Lady of the Flowers of the Red Night" is Sypha Nadon's fourth official full-length studio album, following 2008's soundtrack to "The Black Omen." This album is dedicated to Saint Jean Genet, Saint William S. Burroughs, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Rose of Lima, and also to all those who took part in the Stonewall Riots of 1969.
Keywords: experimental; avant-garde; improv; Christian Surrealism; Burroughs; Virus B-23; Gnostic; electronic
Downloads: 476 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]The Cat Band: "Cat Band Anthology Volume 2: Cat Forever" [MZR010] (11/29/2007) - The Cat Band
This is the second volume of the five volume Cat Band box set. It is divided into two discs. Disc one includes the entire "Cat Forever" album, while Disc two contains various alternate mixes of "Cat Forever" songs (including the infamous "Long Mix" of "When We Live") and the super-rare track "Son of a Gemini."
Keywords: naive rock; outsider art; primitive pop; Mongo; Super Mario; cat; prog; lo-fi; tape music
Downloads: 830
[audio]Bryce Clayton Eiman: Sex in Heaven [MZR017] (May 18, 2009) - Bryce Clayton Eiman
"Sex in Heaven" is the third Bryce Clayton Eiman album to be released by Mauve Zone Recordings. This concise album is sure to please his audience of adoring tween fans. Many thanks again to Bryce for allowing MZR to release this work. Link:
Keywords: experimental; fleshpots; sex in heaven
Downloads: 215 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Sypha Nadon: Orheculegenias [MZR023] (8/14/10) - Sypha Nadon
1. Black Insekt Laughter (6:24) 2. Everything Dies (4:49) 3. Anthem (4:37) 4. Ceremony (7:46) 5. The Immaculate Decay Of SHODAN (2:05) 6. Doom Drone Number 23 (6:50) 7. EM04: The Gash (2:36) 8. Worship The Glitch (3:43) 9. LSD 666 (2:34) 10. Tarkussukrat (5:42) 11. Rock And Roll (0:50) 12. Yotsuba Corporation (2:57) 13. Necrotic Mutox (2:25) 14. The Devil You Know (5:59) 15. Bela (0:59) 16. Silent Scream (3:32) 17...
Keywords: noise; industrial; electro-pop; experimental
Downloads: 120
[audio]The Cat Band: "Cat Band Anthology Volume 3: Cat Band's Greatest Hits Vol. 1" [MZR011] (11/29/2007) - The Cat Band
At long last, volume 3 of The Cat Box... This volume collects the classic 1999 album "Cat Band Greatest Hits Volume 1" (with the exception of one track: see Notes below). Also includes three bonus tracks from the Cat Band's second live show from 2001. Arguably the Cat Band's greatest moment.
Keywords: Naive rock; outsider art; primitive pop; tape music; Mongo; Cat; Super Mario; Rocketman; experimental
Downloads: 769 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Thomas Moronic: HARD AND EVIL [MZR005] (June 30, 2007) - Thomas Moronic
This is Mauve Zone Recordings first release to come from someone outside of Sypha Nadon/James Champagne/etc. This album, which consists of one very long track, is quite hypnotic and, eventually, unsettling. Many thanks to Thomas Moronic for giving MZR permission to host this album. His MySpace page can be found here: Mr. Moronic is also a member of the band What The Moon is Like, whose website can be found here:
Keywords: Drone; Noise; Ambient
Downloads: 761
[audio]SYPHA NADON: UNIVERSE B: CLOSER (Anthology 2) [MZR003] (April 13, 2007) - SYPHA NADON
Second in the series of anthologies collecting rare Sypha Nadon material. This record is dedicated to Wendy Carlos, whose score for the film "A Clockwork Orange" was a huge influence when I was at a young age. It is also dedicated to the Vatican Gun Club and all 9mm automatic users everywhere. Perhaps a trigger to the fourth secret of Fatima (Pope as Anti-Christ) it is to the memory of victims of terrorists everywhere...
Keywords: Noise; Dada; Surrealism; Electronic; Booda; Racket
Downloads: 866
[audio]M. Karo: "Funky Afternoon + The Slow Fish Remixes #1-5" [MZR022] (December 19, 2009) - Michael Karo
in november of this year i recorded a song called "funky afternoon". i was quite happy with it, and felt it would be fun to remix it. using only the last 45 seconds of the song, i slowed it down and changed most of the instrumentation and effects. the result was "slow fish 1", which certainly bears little resemblance to the original. feeling there was more to explore, i remixed the remix...which eventually resulted in five different remixes...
Keywords: slow fish; funky afernoon; brian eno
Downloads: 1,474
[audio]Bryce Clayton Eiman: "I'm Not My Type" [MZR007] (September 6, 2007) - Bryce Clayton Eiman
First of two releases from experimental musician Bryce Clayton Eiman. Thrill to his 'drums and drones' sound! Link: Album art by Bryce Clayton Eiman.
Keywords: Experimental; Minimalist; Acousmatic; Tape Music; Drums; Drones
Downloads: 1,845
[audio]Bryce Clayton Eiman: "Mono" [MZR008] (Nov. 3, 2007) - Bryce Clayton Eiman
Second of two releases from experimental musician Bryce Clayton Eiman. Four extended monoscapes of noise.... and more. Link: Album art by Bryce Clayton Eiman. Special thanks to Bryce for kindly letting us release these two albums.
Keywords: experimental; minimalist; acousmatic; tape music; mono; drones
Downloads: 451
[audio]Sypha Nadon: The Black Omen [MZR012] (Jan. 28, 2008) - Sypha Nadon
Sypha Nadon's epic soundtrack to a non-existing computer game.
Keywords: computer game soundtrack; Lar-Vi; Black Omen; Synth-Pop; MIDI; Industrial Dance; Experimental; Sci-Fi-Horror
Downloads: 1,433 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]T3: Frag Out! [MZR024] (10/29/10) - T3
Artist: T3 Album: Frag Out! Date of composition: Classified Link:
Keywords: electronica; bass; velvetine; cyberpunk; metamorphosis; cuisinart
Downloads: 365
[audio]SYPHA NADON: UNIVERSE C: BEYOND (Anthology 3) [MZR015] (02/28/2009) - Sypha Nadon
Third in a series of anthologies collecting rare material by Sypha Nadon. "Universe C: Beyond" collects a further 13 tracks from the infamous "120 Songs of Sodom" box set, along with 3 tracks from the unreleased "The Great Conjunction" album of 2007, and 3 tracks that up until this point have only been avaliable on the Sypha Nadon MySpace page.
Keywords: Noise; Dada; Surrealism; Electronic; Experimental; Booda; Avant-Garde
Downloads: 123
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